25 May 2021


The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Monday 24th May 2021 launched its maiden Capital Market Master Plan (CMMP) to serve as the blueprint for developing the Capital Market in Ghana over the next ten years.

The CMMP which was developed by a Working Group drawn from key stakeholders in the financial sector, is an essential component of the SEC’s mandate of regulating, innovating, and promoting the growth and development of an efficient, fair, and transparent securities market in which investors and the integrity of the market are protected.

Speaking at the launch of CMMP, the Honorable Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Hon. Ken Ofori Atta in his keynote address underscored the importance of the Capital Market. He noted that under the leadership of His Excellency, the hundred billion Ghana Cedi (GHS100 billion) Ghana Cares/Obatanpa program had been launched with the aim of stabilizing the economy as well as triggering its revitalization and transformation. The program, among others, has the goal of optimizing the implementation of Government’s current growth and transformation flagship programs. He noted that improving access to long-term finance would be a key enabler for achieving the objectives of the program, hence the need for the CMMP. He concluded his address by reiterating Government’s deep commitment to developing Ghana’s Capital Market in helping to support the crucial Ghana Cares/Obatanpa program and make it a hugely attractive financial hub for both domestic and international investors.

Also speaking at the launch, the Director-General (DG) of the SEC, Rev. Daniel Ogbarmey Tetteh further emphasized the importance of the Capital Market as the place for raising ‘patient capital’ which is critical for financing growth. He highlighted the benefits of the Capital Market for different stakeholders. For example, for the ordinary citizen, it would enable the creation of jobs as businesses would be able to raise capital; for business owners, it would also facilitate the expansion of businesses and create a viable avenue for investors to deploy surplus funds. He surmised that the Capital Market would be critical to the growth aspirations of Ghana. The ten-year CMMP would be the engine to facilitate this important transformation through the implementation of key initiatives spelt out in the document.
The vision of the CMMP is “A Deep, Efficient, Diversified and Well-Regulated Capital Market with A Full Range of Products Attractive to Domestic and International Investors.

The vision will be achieved on the back of these four (4) keys pillars of the Capital Market Master Plan:
i. Improving diversity of investment products and liquidity of securities markets (to enhance investor participation and improve market liquidity).
ii. Increasing the investor base and promoting innovation and product diversification.
iii. Strengthening infrastructure and improving market services (to improve market integrity and accessibility).
iv. Strengthening regulation, enforcement, and market confidence.

The CMMP which was unveiled at the Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra brought together other regulators in the financial sector, representatives from the Ghana Securities Industry Association, the World Bank, Ministry of Finance, Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office, and many other key stakeholders.

Request for further information can be made by sending an email to info@sec.gov.gh, via the toll-free line, 0800100065 or visiting the SEC website at www.sec.gov.gh.

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DATED: 24TH MAY 2021

Download The Capital Market Master Plan document

About SEC:
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Ghana is the apex regulatory body of the Securities Industry in Ghana set up by the Securities Industry Act, 2016 (Act 929) to regulate and promote the growth and development of an efficient, fair, and transparent securities market in which investors and the integrity of the market are protected.

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