Vision and Mission
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Vision and Mission

April 28, 2017

Our Vision
To be a top-tier securities market regulator in Africa.

Our Mission
To regulate, innovate and promote the growth and development of an efficient, fair and transparent securities market in which investors and the integrity of the market are protected.

Core Values
To fulfill its mandate and accomplish the above vision and mission, the Commission will be guided by its core values of:

I. Team spirit – We shall all be guided by the vision and mission of the Commission and work continually to support each other in the achievement of same.

II. Respect – We shall exhibit the highest standards of decorum in all our interactions with our internal and external stakeholders.

III. Innovation – We shall employ creative methods in achieving superior results in market development activities.

IV. Commitment – We shall be devoted to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance, ethical work practices and the achievement of superior results.



Team Spirit

1. Demonstrates willingness to take on additional responsibilities and challenges, and ensures effective completeness of tasks.

2. Demonstrates readiness to work constructively and cooperatively with subordinates, peers and Management.

3. Establishes effective working relationships and integration of efforts within the team  

4. Demonstrates clear focus on the achievement of set goals as the primary determinant and drive for all actions, and works effectively under pressure 

5. Demonstrates a keenness in recognizing and making the best use of talents for the best team performance.


1. Addresses all customer requests promptly

2. Consciously and freely shares knowledge and information to enhance the development of the organization

3. Tolerates diversity of opinions

4. Engages in open and honest communication

5. Demonstrates empathy to internal and external customer audiences.


1. Ability to adapt to new market trends and technology

2. Ability to handle emerging risks

3. Courage to think outside the box

4. Develops new products and crop of professionals with the ability to understand and respond to emerging global risks and trends within the capital markets.

5. Commitment to review current processes to improve efficiency.


1. Exhibits an innovative mind-set in corporate and job performance and seeks better and more efficient ways of executing tasks

2. Demonstrates detailed understanding of strategic issues, operating environments, benchmarks, the business strategies of the Commission and critical success factors

3. Understands core corporate governance and social responsibility requirements of being an employee of the SEC

4. Maintains diligent attention to detail and completeness of task 

5. Punctual at work, meetings and other activities.

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