21 Mar 2020


In furtherance to the government’s public directives on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issues this circular to Market Operators and Investors in the Securities Industry for the protection of staff, investors, customers and the securities industry as a whole:

  1. Licensed Market Operators are enjoined to strictly observe all government directives on public gatherings, social distancing, hand washing and apply the same in all your business settings.
  2. Provide effective and efficient protective safety procedures for all staff.
  3. Ensure that arrangements at receptions comply with the social distancing requirements.
  4. Ensure that critical and front line staff are provided with protective equipment such as gloves, face masks, and hand sanitizers.
  5. Provide hand sanitizing dispensers at entry points to your offices for the benefit of clients and other vantage points within the premises for the benefit of employees.
  6. Deploy disaster recovery and business continuity plans in readiness for any possible emergencies or in case of a “SHUTDOWN” where direct physical operations and delivery of service to clients becomes impossible.
  7. Put in place contingency measures and policies that would allow staff to work from home or serve customers from remote but known locations should the need arise.
  8. Customers and market operators are encouraged to use electronic forms of communication and payment platforms.
  9. Scheduling of annual general meetings of collective investment schemes should be done to conform to the directives on public gatherings announced by the President.

The SEC, being the regulator of the securities industry has also put in place internal measures designed to cope with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic to reduce direct contact with the public and over-crowding within the premises of the SEC. As part of these measures, all statutory returns are encouraged to be filed online.

Fund Managers are urged to adhere to redemption requests as stipulated in contracts with investors. In the unlikely event of a breach, Investors are encouraged to file complaints with the SEC via the SEC’s toll-free number 0800 100 065, via the email address helpdesk@sec.gov.gh or the SEC’s website www.sec.gov.gh. All Hearings of Complaints against market operators have been suspended till further notice


In view of the above, it is directed that, with effect from Monday, 23rd March 2020, all statutory returns and reports required to be filed with the SEC, shall henceforth be scanned and forwarded to the applicable or appropriate departments as follows:


Fund Management Companies including Custodians, Trustees funds@sec.gov.gh
Broker-Dealers/ Investment Advisors brokerdealers@sec.gov.gh
Market Infrastructure Providers – (Ghana Stock Exchange, Ghana Commodities Exchange,  Central Securities Depository and Registrars) exmarkets@sec.gov.gh
Anti-Money Laundering Reporting Officers (AML/CFT) auditrisk@sec.gov.gh
Listed Companies/ Issuers of Securities issuers@sec.gov.gh

This circular is issued pursuant to section 3(i) and 209 of the Securities Industry Act 2016, (Act 929) with consequences in 209 (4) of the Same Act.




DATED THE 20th MARCH, 2020

The circular can be downloaded here