28 Apr 2019


The SEC has picked up a Social media message communicating the imminent closure of some capital market operators by the SEC. The SEC wishes to respond formally as follows:

“The SEC is mandated under its establishment law, specifically section 208 of the Securities Industry
Act, 2016 (Act 929) to provide information on its activities that it considers relevant and in the
interest of the general and investing public. The SEC has official media communication channels
through which such communication is disseminated.
The general and investing public are advised to ignore all communication attributed to the SEC that
do not emanate from any of its official media communication channels. The official media
communication channels of the SEC are as follows:
Public Notices by order of the SEC
Directives by order of the SEC
Circulars by order of the SEC
Twitter: @SECGhana
Facebook: secghana
YouTube: securities and exchange commission Ghana
For the avoidance of doubt, the said social media communication/publication does not emanate
from the SEC and same should be ignored. The firms listed in the said publication have either
unresolved complaints or regulatory issues. The SEC has already put out an official public notice to
this effect and a copy is still on its website.
When the SEC decides to proceed further with any other action, the SEC shall communicate same in
accordance with section 208 via its official media communication channels listed above.
Members of the general public are advised to disregard such wild social media
speculations and contact the SEC via info@sec.gov.gh or on its toll-free number: 0800-100-065 or its
main line: 0302768970-2 for any further clarification required”.

Please find attached the statement issued to the general public below