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20 Jun 2017

Public-Private Partnership Arrangement for Office Accommodation Complex for Securities and Exchange Commission

The Securities and Exchange Commmission (SEC) applied to the Ministry of Finance to develop a permanent office accommodation  under a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Procurement Model at No. 30, 3rd Circular Road, Cantonments,  Accra where it  has operated out of a temporary facility since December 2007. Based on a thorough assessment of the SEC’s current accommodation, existing level of service and a review of the SEC’s strategic objectives, a decision was made for a more permanent solution to SEC’s office accommodation needs, including an anticipated growth in staff over the next five years. A contract was signed on 29th October, 2015 for the SEC to engage CPCS Transcom International Limited (CPCS), the successful applicant is to provide transaction advisory services for the project. The SEC is grateful to the World Bank for accepting to pay the consultancy fees for transaction advisory services of the project through the Public Investments Division of the Ministry of Finance. A Request for Expression of Interest (ROEi) has been prepared by CPCS, reviewed by SEC’s Project Delivery Team (PDT) and submitted to the Ministry of Finance for advertisements to be placed on websites and in local newspaper.

Future activities pending include:

  1. Submission of Bid evaluation/process, report, selection and approval of preferred bidder to SEC’s PDT for review and approval
  2. Submission of Bid Report to the Ministry of Finance for approval
  3. Negotiations, preparations and signing of relevant contracts
  4. Submission and acceptance of report on financial close, project close-out and comprehensive PPP Management Plan.